April 2018 – New company logo

It is with great pleasure that we hereby announce the new company logo which will from now on identify our company and its direct plants and subsidiaries. 

Since the 1950s our organization has been developing alongside the global markets, the different economic scenarios and the ever evolving Agricultural Mechanization Industry; so has our company logo. 

Probably not many of you know that the original BENZI “hexagon” shaped logo, which has been with our company for the last 60 years, was firstly forged by our founder Mr. Rolando Benzi on the entrance gate of the company’s very first premises, located in Cassano d’Adda, Italy ; it was only by (approx.) 1967 that it was actually included in the company’s commercial logo, where it has been ever since: 

 Tradition, Improvement, Renovation, Innovation, Resiliance, Reliability, Power, Membership, Ethics, Respect, are just a few of the values we stand by and firmly intend to represent in the years to come for all our partners in business. We tried to summarize most of these key values in the new company logo: